Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Hat for My Sister

I really like this yarn. I imagine there's much nicer, but it's the nicest yarn I've used so far, wool and angora. I was going to make something else for my sister with this yarn but I don't have the right gauge needles and I have not gotten to it yet. I started some Toasty fingerless... gloves? I got one done, was halfway done with the other; I tried them on. A lot. I loved them. But I didn't know for sure that my sister would, so I frogged it. I am going to go back and make some for myself. I would have just kept these but had I started out to make myself something, I would have picked a different color. For my sister, I was still planning to do the other thing, but then after the ridicule of the green hat, I said I would make her another. So here it is, a hat for my sister. Oh, and it is my own design. I am very pleased with the cabling. Sister, stop by and get you a hat.

I am very glad that we got our voting done last week. It was bad enough competing for parking spots at the school to pick up my kids, nevermind standing in line. We didn't even stick around to play on the new playground.

Instead, I zipped right home and worked on another project. I was all set to not tell you about it because it is a Christmas present. But now I am going to not tell you about it because I had so many problems that I am going to have to start all over. Hmph.

This evening, the school principal came over and read my kids a couple of books before bed. We "won" this in a silent auction. It was a lot of fun. It reminds me of that episode of Leave It To Beaver when Miss Landers had dinner with the Cleavers. Hopefully my kids know that teachers and principals are real people; it is nice to build relationships with them.

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