Thursday, December 4, 2008


On Tuesday, it was 74* out and my kids asked if they could play in the sprinkler. Today, we have snow snow snow. I would show you, but it looks a lot like the pictures I posted last weekend. I don't mind the snow, but my feet are cold. It is a nice day for hot BLTs for lunch.

It is good weather for decorating the house, and making little ornaments. I am going to an ornament exchange this weekend, items are to be handmade. Last year, I made little trees out of yo-yos and buttons from Grandma's stash. This year, I am making little mittens from my Grandpa's old flannel shirts: environmental and sentimental! Maybe next year, I will be skillful enough to knit little mittens like Leslie.


Thimbleanna said...

What a cute little ornament! Gosh, you've been so busy since I managed to visit. I LOVE LOVE the pretty pink scarf you're making. And the cute little blue hats too. And you cracked me up with your "Put it on the board" title -- your guys must be White Sox fans. My White Sox fans yells that out all the time when the WS score!

Stephanie D. said...

What a cute idea! They just look so old-fashioned and Christmassy!

Candace said...

Darn - I was looking for more snow pictures! Actually I've been watching the live cams in Estes Park all day - they are getting hammered!
Karen, last year I discovered Smart Wool socks - most places like REI and those that carry outdoor clothing carry them. They look just like regular socks, but keep your feet soooo warm and are machine washable. It's all my hubby and I wear now except in the very warmest part of summer! Cheers!