Sunday, December 21, 2008


Three days left til Christmas. Three little boys can hardly wait. The middle one is about to burst, due to excessive secret-holding. He's made it three weeks with a big one. Don't even tempt him, that's just cruel.

I'm so close to finishing lots of projects, but keep running into one-more-little-things that need to be done. At least everyone is feeling much better. (Thank you for asking after us.) Boy, was it cold today. BFJ said, "It's not hard to believe it's the first day of winter." I never thought of it before, but I guess my birthday is technically in the fall.

Tomorrow is Cookie Day.

Problem: the dog has taken to digging up my tulips suddenly, every chance she gets. (You know, those tulips my sister just gave me in November, they haven't even bloomed yet!) I finally covered them with chicken wire, but they are probably ruined. I'm so glad I put some in a pot. After the dog got in trouble for that the fifth time, I left for a few hours and came home to find she was shredding some of her own stuff. Anyone know what's up with that???

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Jen said...

Our house is all abuzz with excitement now that there are actual presents under the tree. Luckily no one has blabbed about anything.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Merry Christmas!