Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So... We recently got a GPS and have been looking into geocaching. (I must note that George and her husband got us started on this notion.) Tonight, we finally got out and did it! Sisterpants even ventured out with us.

As I was looking around on at the items near our house, I was intrigued by one that said "night caching" so we waited til it got dark, loaded up the car, took some flashlights and went on a little night hike. I think everyone had fun. We didn't really know what we are doing and it took us a lot longer than it should have. (The coordinates did not line up exactly - off by a hundred feet. Is that my fault? I did the initial satellite set-up. Which was just pushing one button while I stood out on the back porch.) I'm not sure what the problem was.
The boys kept saying, "I'm scared," although I know secretly they were all thrilled to have permission to use flashlights. Anyway, we found it thanks to the clues, and everyone was glad that we had given it one more try. One thing was my fault, one of the clues had inches, you know, with the " sign, and somehow I had read it as ' - feet. So that threw us off as well. Now we have plans to get out and find some more, and I had mentioned a good place to hide one up near my parents', so the boys are counting on that, too. Actually, I think Grandpa Bob would also have fun geocaching. We'll have to get him out on a hunt with us soon.

Oh! How could I forget to mention: At one point, Sisterpants asked, "Are there bats around here?" "Yes," we said. Then a few minutes later, we heard it, and she said, "I asked because I saw it fly over!" We never located him, although BFJ was very envious and tried to spot him in the trees.

Added later: I was contacted by the person who hid this cache; we were supposed to start at the coordinates and follow the clues. Duh!


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- geocaching at night??? That sounds like great fun in a group. I went once with a co-worker when we were on a business trip -- it was lots of fun!

audreypawdrey said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like so much fun! We have a car gps; I wonder if we could do that?

Candace said...

How fun is this! I typed in the Squash House zip code and came up with all sorts of fun caches! Yipee - a new adventure!