Thursday, May 7, 2009


Everything's greening up around here! We have not planted much yet, but look forward to some yardwork this week. I mowed the lawn yesterday, first time ever. I borrowed the mower from the neighbor, and he gave me a few suggestions. This experience has definitely improved my opinion of the man who usually does this type of work around here! So far, we've planted peas, first picture below. Every morning, the Bruise and I go out to count how many there are. It started out as one, two, seven... Now we are up to 49! I am hoping for a nice little green screen in this area of the yard. A giant cottonwood looms a few feet away. If I could somehow get that tree cut down for free, I would do it. This is the sunniest spot in the yard, and for some reason, it didn't immediately occur to me to put the garden here, so I never did. Maybe next year we'll get around to getting rid of the tree!

allium - I'll have to take a better picture where you can see the scale
sweet woodruff
strawberries - thanks to the wild critters, we don't have many berries

Thanks for all the nice comments on my haircut. I am really enjoying it!


Candace said...

Hmmmm...we will be lawn mowing for the first time in many years once we get moved - we'll need all the help we can get, Karen! Having lived in CO, I know those cottonwoods can get out of hand - good luck in getting it down! Your garden is looking wonderful for spring!

DanDMan said...

haircut for you, haircut for the yard. That's nice, isn't it?

Stephanie D. said...

Love your new header!

Yes, we've had 4 mowings already this year, but I'm fortunate enough to have a neighbor with a riding mower who does the main cutting for me. I just have to trim, and pull weeds, etc. With a hilly lot, I appreciate my neighbor big time!