Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Review Friday - Great Holiday Baking Book

         Crinkle-Faced Ginger Monsters

While we were snowed in yesterday we tried a new cookie recipe.  I am SO happy I found my Great Holiday Baking Book, which had been missing since last December!  This cookbook goes by season or holiday starting with St. Patrick's Day in March and continues through Passover, Easter, Mother's Day, and so on, ending with President's Day in February.  There are recipes from many cultures including Irish, Jewish, Mexican, Christian, and eastern European.  Some holidays have only a few recipes from one culture, like St. Joseph's Day which is an Italian holiday.  Others like Christmas, celebrated by many cultures, have many different recipes.  And how many holiday cookbooks have recipes for April Fool's Day?  Although this book covers baking, there's more than just sweets; there are also traditional baked goods like rolls and breads.  Everything I've made from here has been a hit, and I love the history on the recipes and holidays.  We've made chocolate chip scones, pumpkin-pecan waffles, and several cookies and cakes.  I don't know where I got this book, perhaps as a gift as a young bride, or perhaps I bought it years ago.  What I do know is I like it so much, I was going to buy it again if I didn't find it before Christmas!    

The Crinkle-Faced Ginger Monsters were quick and easy to make, I'll definitely be making them again this year! 


Candace said...

Oh my - I could just take a bite out of that picture, Karen! My favorite baking book is the Betty Crocker Cooky Book - like yours it has cooky recipes for all holidays! We should trade favorite recipes someday!

Stephanie D. said...

Cookie baking while there's snow on the ground--bet it was warm and cozy in your place!

I see the book is out of print--good thing you found your!