Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Buttons and Mittens and NOT Stamps

This month is just zipping by, isn't it? We have so much going on. The stress and joy are compounded by being a crafty person, aren't they? You want to/have to make stuff. Well, the mittens seemed like they went over well. (I didn't even realize when I did it that the mitten I photographed was made of the shirt my grandpa was wearing in the photo I linked, but several of my family members noticed.) I was going to show you what I got in return, but I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet. However, we've gotten our tree up and decorated and I did get a picture of the ornament from my grandpa's shirts next to the ornament I made last year, using my grandma's buttons. If you can't tell, that is a yo-yo-and-button tree. So here they are, hanging out together.

Only, BFJ apparently moved them after I got pictures; they are no longer together. Last year, we did not have cats or dogs, and this year, there has been a bit of tree-tustling. And actually, the boys are involved in that too. Like you're surprised?

Thanks to Stephanie, we can find lots of holiday movies this month. And Audrey has inspired me to read more next year. Although my problem is, it is harder to quilt or knit while reading than watching TV. If only BFJ would read aloud to me every night... He won't; I've asked. I guess he has his own agenda.

Fifteen days til Christmas! I am looking forward to giving this year, and then I can show you all the gifts I've made! I hope I get them all done in time.

OH. I was so looking forward to my own stamps. I commissioned some art from my boys: a Christmas picture. I only had one taker (Zoom). So I finally got to the USPS site to order them and was so disappointed to see that the cost of a $8.40 book of stamps cost $18.99 when you custom order them! I decided to skip that; sad. But I did want to share the art piece:


audreypawdrey said...

I feel so honored! I love the fact that you might read more because I want the whole world to read more! I have read so fewer books this year as a result of starting quilting and it is a struggle sometimes to decide what I want to do: read or make something. Maybe I should listen to books on tape? If you are ever interested in borrowing/swapping books, let me know-I think we live close enough...

I love the mitten and the button tree! so cute and it is even better that you made it from something of your grandfathers. I also love the little Christmas stamp art piece. That is a huge price difference! I would want to do it but would not want to pay an additional ten dollars for stamps!:)

Stephanie D. said...

Wow, thanks for the link!

I, too, have read far too few books this year--my daughter and I post on goodreads, and when I checked the other day, I had 4 books listed as "currently reading". But I haven't picked up a single one of them in over 6 months, and it's been over a year for another.

I tried getting books from the library on CD, then tape, but their selection doesn't do much for me. Small town, small library.

I think the artwork is terrific. Too bad the post office wants so much money for the stamps. I think they should pay YOU for the artwork.