Friday, December 12, 2008

What We Did Last Weekend

Last week, we drove up to my parents' house in the mountains and stayed a couple of nights. We drove up during/right after our first big storm of the season, and it took us twice as long as it usually does to get there. By the time we got there it was 11:00 p.m., and BFJ and I were exhausted. The boys, however, were refreshed from their car naps, and bounded in to see Nana and Grandpa. Luckily, my parents had gone to bed for a few hours, not knowing when we'd arrive. BFJ and I unloaded the car and went to bed, leaving Nana to take care of the boys. (Thanks, Mom!)

The next day was a loungy day. I spent time on my knitting, and actually ripped out more rows than I knitted. This was when I realized that this scarf was really meant to be a neckwarmer. We also got in some Andy Griffith, my dad's favorite. The boys also spent time in the hot tub. I try not to go out in the snow in a bathing suit, so luckily they were accompanied by grandparents.

BFJ and the boys found some time to sled, as well. Me, I stay inside where it's warm, for the most part. Taylor, our dog, also enjoyed running down the hill behind BFJ.

That evening, my sister, and my brother and his family all joined us. We had a birthday dinner - for me :) A little early. BFJ made me a cake - from scratch! Well, my mom and he followed this recipe but for some reason it did not come out quite as nice. I wonder if it was the altitude, we were at 7,000 feet. I appreciated the effort, though. (Blog titles suggested by my witty brother and company: It Was Downhill From Here OR This Was The High Point!)

The next morning, we went to the National Forest (I don't know which) to cut down a tree. The National Forest Service gives people this chance to cut their own trees, and it helps thin the underbrush and helps prevent forest fires from spreading quickly. $10 a tree! While it was pretty warm at the house, it was actually pretty chilly and windy out in the forest. Luckily, I had gotten some snow pants as a gift the night before! Here are some goof-offers:

BFJ felled ours with an axe. Not such a big tree, but very tall; he cut a lot off later. We don't mind them so thin, it is easier to fit in the house. My parents' tree was about 14' tall but they have a vaulted ceiling. Here's the group trying to get it in the door:

We also saw lots of evidence of wildlife:

The day we got back, we unloaded the car and then I headed out to the ornament exchange previously mentioned. Here are the ornaments I got in return. All are handmade or hand painted (except the gold ball.) I hung one on the door; pardon the chipped paint. It was the cleanest doorknob I could find for a picture!

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Candace said...

What a great time, Karen! Do your parents live up near Vail? I lived there for a really short time (a couple of months,waaaay back when). That is one mighty looking pine coming in the doorway! And I think the cake looked great - altitude or not!